Our story

Stable 33.33 is a start up company based in Gatineau Qc. Canada.  After over 15 years of making products for his friends and for himself, the machinist expert and designer Sylvain Pichette decided to present his creations at the Montreal Audio Fest which was a huge success, the rest is history!

The expertise acquired over these years allows the manufacturer to offer to vinyl lovers some of the most beautiful objects to enhance your music experience.

The designer's first project to be created was a highly innovative turntable, which made its first appearance in 2008 in the magazine «Québec Audio & Vidéo» volume 12, number 3.



Then in 2009 Sylvain presented officially his creation at the Salon Son & Image of Montreal to an audiophile audience, the response was overwhelming.

An exhibitor even offered him to participate in an A-B comparative performance test in front of an audience composed of audiophile and audio industry experts,  the incredible response confirmed Sylvain's desire to market his creations.




  The Stable (version 2011)


The time to have a family came, but Sylvain continued to refine his products and went from his first 30-pound turntable to a much more massive 127-pound version.

This latest creation was presented at the 2018 Montreal Audio Fest as an exhibitor with Naim and Martin Logan.


Throughout the three consecutive days of the Show, the Stable 33.33’s exhibition room was filled to capacity. The number of questions asked by the audience was so large that the listening time was affected, but without consequence due to the constant interest in knowing the history of this turntable.

It was at this event that Sylvain first exhibited under Stable 33.33 and surprisingly, the people who entered the room said quite naturally, "hey! This is the Stable", looking at Sylvain's turntable.

The Stable was therefore born, so named by the public.



The interest aroused by the record stabilizer weight that Sylvain had manufactured for his own needs prompted him to launch a production for this object that he named the SP-Contact in honour of the first contact with this project, which was the 2002 record stabilizer weight, Titanium version.



Following the success of the stabilizer weight launching, Sylvain decided to market another product created for his own needs, the Vinyl Transit Platter.

Used for 8 years by Sylvain, this object, which has become indispensable for his needs, has been received with great success by Canadian retailers.

The global launch took place at the 2018 Toronto Audiofest.



Sylvain is kind enough to share his passion with customers and Stable 33.33 was one of the exhibitors at the Montreal Audiofest as part of the Classica classical music festival in St-Lambert. It was surrounded by real music lovers - and by a heat wave that this wonderful weekend allowed us to grasp the scope of the brand's deployment by discussing with people who are following the evolution of Stable 33.33 and with whom we loved to talk.



So, with a history dating back to 2002 and especially the fact that some important parts such as the spindle of the Stable which has been running regularly for more than 16 years without any degradation, we are able to affirm that we offer a

top-quality product.